The Malley Family

The Malley Family traces their baking heritage in the Rochester, NY area back to 1860's. Bob Malley's great grandfather, Sam Durnherr, baked "soda" crackers that were packed in barrels and shipped via the Erie Canal throughout the world. At the turn of the 20th century, Bob's grandfather James and his brother each started a home delivery bakery using horse and wagon. 

Bob's father, Jim Malley, started working for Whele Baking Co in 1928, as a home delivery driver. In 1933, Whele Baking was sold to Hathaway Bakeries of Boston, Massachusetts. Jim stayed on with Hathaway and worked his way up to become VP of the corporation and had 2,000 delivery trucks on the road. 

In 1958, Jim Malley resigned from Hathaway Bakeries and opened Donuts Delite at the corner of Empire and Culver. His son, Bob Malley, soon left his job as a teacher to help with the family business. Over the years, all the Malley children were part of Donuts Delite from 1958 to 2005.

The Salvatore's Family

Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo, CEO and Founder of Salvatore's Pizzeria, purchased the then closed landmark to open a Salvatore's location with the help of John Coraggioso and Ray LoRe. SoccerSam negotiated with Bob Malley to allow them to carry the original recipe donuts at the Salvatore's location. With the help of Bob's son Michael, they recreated all the original donut recipes from 1958 and reintroduced Salvatore's at the Historic Donuts Delite Building in 2010. 


Nick Semeraro soon became the Owner/Operator of Salvatore's at the Historic Donuts Delite location. This location offers Salvatore's famous full menu, full breakfast menu, and Donuts Delite donuts. 

Nick Semeraro started at E Main St Salvatore's when he was just 10 years old. In 2011, Nick joined Donuts Delite as a Store Manager, and became partner in 2013. Nick became full Owner/Operator Franchisee in 2016. Nick and his wife, Holly, have 3 children, Noah, Cole and Reed. 

Over 50 people are employed at this location. The Baking Staff works all night long to provide fresh donuts every morning to our longtime loyal customers! 



January 16th, 2020: Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo, Nick Semeraro (Owner/Operator), Bob Malley (Former Donuts Delite Owner), Ray LoRe and John Coraggioso. At the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Donuts Delite Reopening, all individuals who helped reopen the iconic location. 

March 14th, 2022: The Salvatore's and Donuts Delite Family finally open the doors to the 2nd Donuts Delite location: Donuts Delite West! Located at 674 W Ridge Rd. For full Grand Opening Story, please click here.