Donuts Delite

Donuts Delite

Donuts Delite
674 W Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14615

Location Hours:

Sunday - Saturday: 6am - 6pm



(Rochester, NY) The long-awaited Grand Opening of Donuts Delite West at 674 W Ridge Rd. will have a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Today, Monday March 14 @ 12PM (NOON).  

Mayor Malik D. Evans with city officials will be joining Nick Semeraro & Family, The Family of Donuts Delite Founder, Robert Malley & Team Salvatore’s for this Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. 

Donuts Delite West will officially open Today, Monday March 14, 2022 at 1pm for customers.

“Covid delays with equipment and more has been a challenge. I’m excited for Monday’s grand opening, our new Donuts Delite West looks amazing” said Nick Semeraro, Owner. 

The original Donuts Delite opened in 1958 at the corner of Empire & Culver. The Salvatore’s Pizza Family purchased the landmark location in 2009 from the Malley family and reopened in 2010. 

“I love Rochester history and it’s so great that we are able to turn the famous Dog House Bar back to its original use as a donut shop” said Salvatore “SoccerSam” Fantauzzo, Founder of Salvatore’s.

The property at 674 W. Ridge Rd was originally Simpson’s Donuts. Murray Simpson was the original partner with the Malley’s in 1958. Murray left in 1959 to open Simpsons Donuts at this location at 674 W. Ridge Rd. 

“We hope the west side of town supports Nick and Donuts Delite West. Monday is a special day, the Grand Opening and Nick’s birthday” said Silvio Fantauzzo, President of Salvatore’s. 

The new Donuts Delite West location will offer take out, dine in, outdoor patio and donut delivery county wide from 6AM-6PM daily.

Donuts Delite West Grand Opening Today, Monday March 14, 2022 @ 674 W Ridge Rd.

· Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Media & City Officials: 12PM (NOON)

· Doors Open for Customers: 1PM


Kayla Kent-Moreira = or (585) 590-7140 for more information.